A native of Michigan (the land of the Mitten, Wolverines of the non-furry variety, and vast lake shores), Chris was that kid on the playground who never quite escaped the black hole of his imagination. He has become a weaver of tales as caffeine and willpower dictate, a trained and scrappy journalist, editor, and scribbler of all things science fiction and fantasy.

He also has been known to crank out a mean poem or two. Strange people have given him awards for it.

Opinion Driver

Simply because his mind is always half-in other realms and planes of existence, doesn’t mean Chris is lacking a firm footing on this plane. A savvy journalist who has the tendency to ninja between projects (smoke bombs optional!), his byline has the tendency to pop up in the most random places. He can ramble, rant and project with the best of them, about what is, what was, or what may be (or what may, in fact, lead to SkyNet).

He’s also comfortable in front of a camera. This may or may not make him extra dangerous.


In addition to a scribbler of words, Chris is a devourer of them, as well as a gamer (both of the video and board varieties), music lover and all around dork. In essence, he surrounds himself with stories and never looks back, but he’s always looking for company through the realms of imagination. Come say hi. As long as he has been fed, he’s generally friendly.

Now get to know this silly author and enjoy the website.