Addiction to Emotional Mutilation

“The feeling was the whole point.”

logoYear after year, the data points get smaller, but the wealth of information they hold, from pictures to stories to numbers to black hole calculating formulae grows exponentially. At the same time, the addiction to that informational high, the ability to be everywhere at once, increases, and for many, there exists that well trod notion that “We’re never disconnected.”

I long ago learned that when short stories come out, people are often torn on what constitutes a weak tale and what makes a strong tale, and since it is the nature of short stories to mingle with others, people are never quite certain what to make of the whole, if they pay attention at all. Which is, of course, my way of saying that I’ve written a sci-fi short story (“High as a Power Line”), and I hope some of you find it to be one of the stories in the library of like-minded tales at Evil Girlfriend Media that you do indeed enjoy.

“High as a Power Line” is not a story of redemption, though, or breaking free from the chains of connection, if that’s what you took away from my little intro here. Sensation is key. Would you really want to escape it?