The Brewed Awakenings Anthology!

Get ready to dive into a Michigan brewed collection of fiction! Brewed Awakenings 2, an anthology of fifteen tales, has been released in print by the good people at Caffeinated Press. No one theme binds these stories, save a dedication to genre—my own bit of historical fiction shares pages with Sci-fi, Mysteries, Horror and even Romance—and a devotion to depth of story.

20161021_090349My own contributor copies arrived in the mail today, and I can’t begin to express the excitement. Beautifully bound, lovingly organized—like caffeine, it certainly jolted mind and body to life. And the sheer wealth and diversity of other authors I have the honor of being featured with—some local like me, some from further abroad, and much better published—is inspiring.

Here’s a bit from the blurb:

“How should you respond when your neighbors aren’t quite what they seem? How far must you travel to escape the pull of your heart? How much of a barrier does the “digital divide” really present—or, for that matter, the line between life and death? What chaos results when the aggrieved turn the tables?”

My own work therein is called “Furniture City,” a tale with roots planted firmly in the history of this mitten-happy state of mine. For traditional readers of my sci-fi and fantasy, yes, I know it’s not my usual, but I hope you’ll give it a look see—our world has no lesser fair of dark plots afoot. Here’s the blurb to catch your fancy:

“In the seductively serene woods of logging-era Michigan, secrets congeal like spilling sap.”

The book has already launched, so there’s no party, save the little dances I throw when one of you shows me your copy.

It’s a bit surreal and hopefully a goodly bit thought-provoking…but then again, what possible connection could power-hungry logger barons of days past have with our serene, modern markets?

The world may never know.

You can order a copy here:


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