Separation and Renewal: An Ode to Abuse Survivors

To all those affected by the devil Tyler Carpenter (@Adarael), whose full scope of crimes against those he professed to care about have only lately come to public knowledge. This one is close to my community, and many I hold dear, and who have given me a home lo these past few years.

Separation and Renewal


The city expels exhaust

tenuous as the wind which precedes

a volcano. She traces his ashes

through the commotion, the pregnant

light nested in separation;

all they want is to gather

it into themselves, his lies,

the history the heat

has orphaned among faces

that crack like teeth.


She is more than a notch

but to the magma each she

was nothing until it

finally erupted, just a shallow hole

into which light flooded

a semblance of hope:

what each might be

born again in the valley

with the boundless community

of the gathering dawn.

DfHSlFiVQAAlP2YTyler was a game developer for Harebrained Schemes, for Monolith Productions and Xbox before that. He ran shows in conjunction with Hyper RPG, Zombie Orpheus, and GeekSpaceTV. And he spent his days grooming, isolating and abusing women, cultivating sympathy from his communities and ingraining himself in the hearts and minds of even the most wary. He is a predator, a very skilled one. But he is finally facing justice, at least from his victims, from the community, and from his employers. In a truly just world, he would be rotting in jail at the least.

Blessed be these communities, who have banded together in support and love, and are working together to actively recover. Believe women. Deny abusers any ground in which to hide. Grow stronger, together.

To read more, you can find information on the situation here:

  • (Though take with a grain of salt, as this article also gives him far too much play and ability to shape a martyrdom message)
  • I would post the statements from the abused, at this time, but I have no interest in giving them the additional harassment that tends to come from furthered visibility. They have said their piece. Search them out if you will — there are eight that I know of, at the time of this posting. This is a traumatic situation and I have no interest in increasing the trauma with which they must deal.
  • If any of you think, “Well, he apologized, so he must be trying at least,” I’m sorry to tell you that, no. He thrives on attention and validation. A recent transcript from someone close to him of DMs behind the scenes as all this has gone down shows that even as he presents one thing in public, he will still cut down victims from behind. DfHtqhpUEAA8BXF



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