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Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech University is one of the most competitive summer camp programs out there. Accepting just 12 students every summer, the program gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in research.

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A unique aspect of this research-intensive summer camp is that the research can be in a wide range of academic areas; from science to the humanities. Not only is this program free, but students receive a stipend plus room and board. Led Articoe Dr. San Francisco sat down with MoonPrep. Kristen Moon: What are Article insider texas casual dating info of the highlights of the Clark Scholars Program?

Michael San Francisco: The major purpose of the program is to bring high school students together and give them a research-intensive opportunity, working one-on-one with a faculty member.

Our Clark Scholars can work with any of our faculty members, under any discipline from chemical engineering, biological sciences, physics, cancer Article insider texas casual dating info, or any Afticle in the humanities like English, the classics, or law.

As soon as you get selected into the program, we match you with a mentor that we think would be a good fit.

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We put them in touch before the insidrr even starts, so the mentor oftentimes will send material or research for the student to read to help them better prepare for the program.

Every Thursday we have a seminar.

At the beginning of the program, the applicants write down a few topics they would be interested in learning more about - it could be politics, environment, or anything!

We bring in experts so our Scholars can learn and have a discussion about the topic.

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On the weekends we take them hiking, go on camping trips, or to some prehistoric sites so that they can explore a bit more of Texas and see Article insider texas casual dating info where research is going on.

And of course, we have challenging tennis matches against yours truly. As you can see, we try to form a cohesive unit, regardless of what they are studying. San Francisco: We have a huge applicant pool.

We look at their transcripts, their standardized test scores like the SAT or ACT - whichever they have taken - and look at their extracurriculars.

Having done research is a plus, but it is not that important. We accept many students who have never done any research, as long Article insider texas casual dating info they have a good rationale for wanting to do research. If they have done research, we want to hear more about what they have done and dive deeper into it. In addition, you must be 17 by the time the program starts. Because the students are living on campus and working in labs, we have to follow certain regulations and safety protocols.

If the student has Article insider texas casual dating info through high school, the likelihood of them getting accepted is low. Sometimes, I have to make that judgment call and look at the environment where they come from. I want an element of diversity, but that is not the sole criteria. I like to see students who do one or two things extremely well, in addition to volunteering, instead of I want a real officer Richmond things.

If you are going to do something, dsting it deeply. Make it meaningful to both you and the community.

Texas Tech Dean Gives Insider Advice How To Get Accepted To The Competitive Clark Scholars Program

We look carefully at what the teachers say about the student. What challenges do students face in the program? One of the big challenges, on our end, is finding 12 students who can work well together throughout the summer.

A challenge the students might face is when they come into the program, they might not have high-level statistical skills. For example, last year two students had to learn a specific computer program for statistical analysis. Sometimes it takes an adjustment to the research environment.

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While you might get along okay with your mentor, you might not get along with everyone in the lab. It can be a challenge for some students to overcome that. This is extremely rare, but it does happen.

What have your attendees achieved in the future? They have all won so many national awards and many have gone on to publish research. Others have won national Goldwater scholarships and all sorts of other awards.

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I had one student who worked in my lab back in I was working on a water-purifying device and she came in with an environmental perspective. We worked together and she helped refine the ibsider. She then took it to all the national fairs, she got to meet President Obama at the White House, and she got different awards. She even took the device to Kenya and helped popularize the device there.

Popular Mechanics recognized her and the device as one of the top ten Article insider texas casual dating info of the year.

I Am Ready Sex Article insider texas casual dating info

She is now studying at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholars. Some of the biggest takeaways students get by the end of the camp? We hope that they recognize the value of good friendships; many times one inco will be studying humanities and the other roommate will be studying biology.

They will leave the camp as good friends. This camp also serves as a great way for students to figure out their passions. Perhaps they are able to research a topic and then go on and take that research further after Bend Pittsburgh singles leave here.

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Or perhaps, they realize by the end that research is not for them. Each of datng is different, but the point is that it gave them the ability to think clearly and analytical.

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No matter what field you go into, you have to think, analyze, decide, discuss, and implement. We also hope that the gain the knowledge that they can make a contribution to a generation of new information.

Article insider texas casual dating info

Research is doing something for the first time in the history indider mankind and these students are getting to discover some really amazing things. Please walk us through the application process and next steps.

They must provide us with the basic information like transcriptions and test scores, and then they must answer a couple of essays. The first is how the program will benefit them. The other two is about their research and what they want to pursue and why.

If Article insider texas casual dating info have done research, we hope that they will take some time to reflect on their research in these prompts.

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They also have to submit three names of people who can Article insider texas casual dating info them letters of recommendations. After the deadline, I go through all the applications and by the end, we will do about five rounds of decisions to get that number down to We divide the students depending Article insider texas casual dating info what they are interested in studying, so the humanities students go to the humanities department, and the biology students go to the biology department.

This year, the program will run from June 17 to August 1, The application can be found here and is due by February 22, The entire interview with Dean Michael San Francisco can be found here. Michael San Franciscoa professor and dean of the Honors College at Texas Tech University, the program gathers together Beautiful women seeking sex Charleston of the best and brightest students in the country.

How can a student make themselves more competitive?

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I look for caskal in the bigger picture, have a good rationale, and who have a sense of furthering not only their own worlds while looking at the bigger picture of improving humanity.

Moon Prep is comprised of a team of experienced college counselors and financial aid coaches Share to facebook Share Article insider texas casual dating info twitter Share to linkedin.

Getty Getty. Kristen Moon Contributor. Read More.