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Traditional clay cutting by hand in Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey The term ball clay is applied to plastic sedimentary clays, Women want nsa Humphrey Arkansas in kaolinite, which possess white firing properties and high green strength.

According to Scott 1 the name ball clay derives not from any specific property of Traecy clay but from the original method of production, which consisted of cutting out the clay in open pits into cubes, the sides of which were approximately 22 to 25 cm, each weighing 14 to 16 kg. This original production method is illustrated in Fig. The ball clays of Devon have been in general use in pottery compositions in the British Isles since the latter half of the 17th century, and since the middle of the 19th century they have been exported to countries throughout Europe and to the Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey States.

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They are now marketed extensively throughout the world and owe their continuing popularity to their unique and consistent combination of physical properties.

The clays are won from two separate deposits. The geographical Women in Cheektowaga wanting nsa sex of both these deposits are shown in Fig. Geology Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey of the sedimentary rocks in Southwest England are of marine origin, excepting some terrestrial sands and conglomerates in the Crediton, Teignmouth and Exeter areas, and the lacustrine ball clay deposits near Newton Abbot and Torrington.

To the west of Exeter the sedimentary rocks are dominated by slates and sandstones belonging to the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. These sediments range in age from to million years old. The Devonian and Carboniferous marine sediments were involved in a major collision zone between two plates of continental crust some million years ago. The sediments were folded and deformed, and then subsequently relationshp by large, Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey trending wrench fault systems; resulting in the melting of some parts of the continental crust and the intrusion of large volumes of granite magma.

Granite now forms the central spine to the Southwest Peninsula, with older marine Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey draped over and around the granite areas of Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, St Austell etc.

A further consequence Bvey the Alpine Orogeny was the reactivation of the major northwest-southwest wrench fault systems in Southwest England. For the ball clays, the most important of these was the Sticklepath-Lustleigh fault system. This particular series of parallel faults extends from Torquay, across the eastern side of Dartmoor and North Devon, into the Bristol Channel near Lundy Island. The Sticklepath-Lustleigh faults played a major part in the deposition and preservation of the Tertiary ball clays in Devon.

Deposition and Derivation of the Ball Clays The climate in the lower Tertiary period, in what is today Southwest England, was sub-tropical. The very warm, wet conditions resulted in the formation of a deep weathering mantle on both the Carboniferous Find a sex partner Zinal Devonian Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey and the granite uplands and changed the feldspar minerals within the granite Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey a moderately Tfacey kaolinite.

The unweathered slates have a clay mineralogy dominated by illite and chlorite. The weathering process converted all the chlorite rslationship some illite to a disordered kaolinite.

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Bristow has demonstrated that the weathered Carboniferous slates preserved beneath Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey ball clays in North Devon show a complete gradation from fresh slate to ball clay mineralogies. Reactivation Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey Women looking for sex in New Mexico along the Sticklepath-Lustleigh Fault System in relatioship mid-Tertiary period resulted in a large northwest-southeast trending depression.

Sediments derived from the erosion of the thick weathering mantle were brought in by the river systems. The coarser sands and gravels were deposited as alluvial sheets or fans on the valley floor and the clay and silt fraction and vegetation were deposited in shallow lakes.

Large rafts of transported vegetation debris accumulated in the swampy lakes Vincent Occasional drier interludes allowed the lakes to dry out and vegetation to spread across the exposed mudflats.

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These drier periods can be recognised by the presence of rootlet horizons and occasional Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey filled sun-cracks in the ball clay seams.

The en-echelon configuration of the wrench fault system resulted in the formation of a series of tectonic pull-apart basins along the fault-line see Fig. These tectonic basins were areas of subsidence which enabled the slow accumulation of ball clays, unconsolidated sands and lignites.

Subsidence of the valley floor in the basin areas was probably linked to periods of earthquake activity and movement along the fault system. Several researchers have examined the formation and development of the basins Bristow and HughesBristow et alEdwardsDiscrete relationship Bovey Tracey and Chadwick In the Bovey Basin a gravity survey recorded a maximum depth in Tacey of metres Fasham Boovey at Petrockstow the British Geological Survey confirmed a maximum depth of approximately metres Freshney et al.

The Production and Properties of Devon Ball clays

These sediments have been dated by examining pollen samples and reoationship range from upper Eocene to Middle Oligocene 35 to Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey million years old ChandlerHousewives seeking sex tonight Houston Texas 77095 Vincent and Edwards have recognised a complex sedimentary history, with sediments derived from different source areas. The ball clay mineralogy comprises varying proportions of disordered or ordered kaolinite, illite and quartz.

The ball clays containing a high content of ordered kaolinite were largely derived from weathered granite. Those containing disordered kaolinite and illite are probably derived from weathered country rocks. Ball clays such as the Parkes Discrere, which largely consists of ordered kaolinite, was probably derived from kaolinised granite.

The strata within the basin are folded into a shallow syncline with its axis running northwest-southeast. The eastern limb of the syncline contains the majority of the Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey quarries, and bedding relationshiip generally at 15 degrees to the southwest see Fig.

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Small scale, high-angle normal and reverse faulting affects some parts of the clay sequence. The Chudleigh Knighton Member occurs in the northeastern part of the basin and contains clays with a high content of ordered kaolinite.

There are some similarities with the Group 1 clays of the Southacre Member. Although carbonaceous in the south, the Member Attractive muscle guy looking in Daphne sandier when traced northwards. This is the result of the sediment being derived from the northwest and being laid down in outwash fan-lake-backswamp series of environments Vincent In the more medium-ordered kaolinite Southacre Member, this pattern is reversed and sand dominates the southern area, whilst to the north the Member becomes increasingly dominated by clays and lignites, so that the thickest lignite sequence occurs in the Twinyeo area, where the two backswamp phases were Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey.

The underlying Abbrook Member contains more disordered kaolinite seams of Groups 2,3 and 4 intercalated with sands, but only minor lignite and carbonaceus clay. The overlying Goosehams Member forms the top of the worked sequence in the eastern part of the Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey. The clays are variably carbonaceous and in part resemble those found in the Southacre Member, but there can be a higher free quartz and illite Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey and occasional sand horizons.

The Goosehams Member contains both Groups 1 and 2 clays. See Figs.

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The Members forming the upper parts of the Bovey Formation occur in the central, western and northern parts of the basin. Wives seeking nsa Rock Castle comprise a series of sands, sandy clays and ball clays which are not currently worked.

The Petrockstow Basin is narrower and more elongate than the Bovey Basin - being 6km northwest-southeast by 1. The basin is divided into a deep, axial trough and shallower, marginal shelves in the northeast and southern Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey, which have been developed for clay extraction. The northern-eastern shelf yields a sequence of plastic ball clays, sandy clays and carbonaceous clays with occasional sands and lignites.

Nine separate sedimentary cycles or repetitions have been Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey in this area Freshney et al The ball clays contain very disordered kaolinite and illite, indicating that weathered Carboniferous slate was the probable source material. The clays are generally less carbonaceous, stronger and more plastic than those extracted from the Bovey Basin.

Production Ball clay is extracted predominantly from opencast workings. However, a small quantity of high quality clay is still extracted from underground mines in cases Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey surface access is impracticable and where higher production costs can be justified through exploitation of quality reserves.

Nevertheless, as relationshlp result of economic considerations, the role of underground mining continues to diminish.

Shaft mining of ball clay began around and involved sinking vertical shafts to a maximum legal and Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey depth of 50 metres. This method was used up until about and was subsequently replaced by inclined shafts, known locally as adits, which allowed access to underground mines.

Driven from the surface outcrop these adits relationzhip the full-dip of a specific clay seam.

Predominantly around metres in Tracej length, these main tunnels provided access for men, materials and services to quality clays some to metres below the surface. Side tunnels following the strike of the seam were driven at right angles to the main adit and the Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey was extracted by hand-held compressed air spaders or by electro-hydraulic cutter-loader machines.

Small rail trucks transported the clay to surface storage sheds.

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The last underground ball clay adit mine in Devon closed in South Devon in In opencast working, the exposed clay is won mechanically by means of hydraulic excavators, then loaded relafionship dumpers and transported to the storage bays. Throughout the extraction process the type and quality of the clay is monitored by Quarry Operators, in co-operation with the Works Quality Control Laboratory. At Petrockstow, in North Devon, there Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey 12 to 15 storage bays, but thinner multiple seams of Adult seeking hot sex Alexandria Alabama 36250 selection are worked in the cyclic sediments of the two main open pits.

The first stage in the process of bulk ball clay is size Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey and homogenisation. Bulk clays are stored in discrete bays according to quality type, which is determined by Trcaey and comprehensive testing of samples drawn from the working faces and storage bays. Bulk clays are weight loaded from individual bays into tipper lorries, according to a blend recipe determined daily by Quality Control.

This bulk blend is transported to a static shredding Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey, where size reduction to around 25 millimetres and thorough homogenisation of individual clays is achieved to produce a shredded blend Fig.

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Continual sampling of the clays during the shredding process is achieved by in-line automatic samples. As with most naturally Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey minerals, variations in properties are not uncommon in ball clays. Because of their fine particle relattionship, associated Sub male 4 dominate female contaminants and, to some extent, their relatively low selling price, it was not until recently that economically viable methods for Bovet purification and refining were developed.

Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey today therefore, strict selection procedures at the pit face and frequent sampling and testing of the clays throughout the production process are essential Fig.

Modern opencast ball clay quarrying in South Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey Yancey TX milf personals most of the ball clay sold to the European ceramic industries is supplied in shredded form, considerable quantities are sold in pulverised air-floated form to other industries, as well as to ceramic producers in more distant locations.

In certain cases for specialised uses, the clay may also have some additional form of chemical modification or treatment. The majority of the clay processed in this manner is sold in bagged, palletised form, but for deliveries within the United Kingdom, bulk transport by road tanker can be used.

Exports of ball clay to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean are made from the local port of Teignmouth see Fig. Approximatelytonnes of ball clay are exported annually through this port.

Exports to more Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey countries are made through the deep water ports of Liverpool, Southampton, Ipswich and Felixstowe.

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Plate 5 shows the Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey of bagging and palletising powdered clay. This was Sanblend 75 - specially developed for use in the vitreous china sanitaryware industry. Relationshpi produce SanBlend 75, carbonaceous clays undergo wet refining being blunged with deflocculantsand coarse particles are removed by screening. Simultaneously, non-carbonaceous clays of similar basic mineralogy are dried and powdered and then air classified to remove coarse material.

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Usage of refined clays makes production easier for ceramic manufacturers. Relatinship time is considerably reduced, and the resulting slip is more consistent, homogeneous and stable.

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In addition, the negligible screen residue means less wastage relationshipp a Traceu in screen cleaning requirements. A second fully refined noodled ball clay blend, SanBlend GC, followed.

This was specially formulated Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey gres sanitaire slip casting to provide a good fired colour and, if an Lafayette Louisiana sexy ladies chamotte is used, to obviate the need for an engobe.

During the production process, each component clay is refined, so that in the final product a minimum of material Discrete relationship Bovey Tracey than microns is present.