Journalism & Editing

I’ve fortunately known–since I was the tiniest of munchkins–at least one passion in my life: Writing. However, as I’ve aged, not all of that has been spent on the creative side of the art. There is a business aspect to it as well, and I have a journalistic hat (and degree) to prove it. This part of the website shows where the professional side of my persona lies.

Over the years I have worked for or written for:

  • SpartanEdge News
  • EJ Magazine
  • OneStop Poetry
  • The City Pulse Newspaper
  • First Local Toledo News
  • Interactive Content Services
  • Macallan Communications (The Peninsula News, Daily Energy Insider, Homeland Preparedness News, Transportation Today)

My work has also appeared in a number of places around the web in my role as a freelance writer and editor.

You can learn more about my experience by viewing my LinkedIn Profile, or browsing my old writing portfolio.

I am currently accepting freelance projects that involve writing, reporting and editing (okay, fine, I have several hats). Have a project that you think could use my experience? Send me a note with specifics and we can discuss how I might contribute.