I write dark, realistic fantasy and incising sci-fi, drifting between planes of strange critters and shifting concepts that explore the moral greys of existence. If there is magic to be found, I root it out and play with it long after I probably should have been home and tucked into bed for the night–someone must.

THE HOLLOW MARCH is available in Print and E-book.

Hollow March eBook Cover 2A disgraced son. A woman haunted, consumed by vengeance. A family scrambling for purchase on a tottering throne. A nation on the brink…

“It is a time of upheaval in the Idasian Empire. As religious fervor stirs dissent among the people, and the winter winds loom, thousands gather behind their aging emperor on a march to war.

In the midst of this, young Rurik Matair blunders home with childish notions of revenge, and an unlikely band of sellswords at his back. The third son of a backwater nobleman, Rurik was destined for a life in service to the crown. But when he reached beyond his station, he was banished from his father’s house with nothing to his name. Tired and hunted, he returns after two years abroad.

Yet all is not as it appears. As Idasia’s brutal war threatens to stagnate, old rivalries rekindle. Other players shift through dark games behind the scenes, and old magicks rise against a tottering throne, stirred on by a woman with nothing left…”

The Hollow March is my first major literary work, an adult fantasy novel that follows the plight of three families caught up in a time of war, revolution, and renaissance. A crack of gunpowder mixed with the sizzle of old magicks, it showcases a fantastic, yet evolving world – a world staffed with personality, and with people – people who face many of the same traumas as our own world.

At faith's end coverAT FAITH’S END is available in Print and E-Book!

An empire is crumbling from within as war ravages from without.
Yet men will learn true fear comes only when faith itself dies…

The sequel to the The Hollow March. Old faces and new collide as the web of deceit, destruction, and madness grows. It returns us to the figures at the heart of a growing disaster–from the stricken and confused Rurik, to the cruel machinations of the Cullicks and their crazed prisoner, and now, to the latest face of the Imperial family, who enters a land unknown to him, dead brothers at his feet, and a fiery notion of what belief entails.

“Conflicting dedications to duty and revenge have gutted the Idasian Empire, leaving its royal family in tatters and a host of opportunists snapping at the scraps. In desperation, they turn their hopes to a foreign face, praying for reprieve against the dark plots determined to see them dead.

Meanwhile in the east, hiding among the starving remnants of the imperial army, Rurik Matair has survived attempts on his own life, and war besides, only to become isolated from those he cares most about. But even as the madness of a nation infects the heart of the army, a new commander offers the hope of stability—and the possibility that new changes will right old wrongs.

Yet one cannot hide from truth. As Rurik and his friends face the reality of those around them, young and old alike are forced to realize a terrible fact: even faith can crumble, and what stalks its ashes might be something far worse.”

AS FEATHERS FALL is available in Print and E-book!

As Feathers Fall eBook CoverOnce, the gryphon flew…

Now, its feathers fall.

The third and final entry in the darkly epic fantasy series, The Haunted Shadows.

“As fall the feathers of their signet bird, so too fall the great and mighty of Idasia. One after another, members of the Imperial family have been slain, through convictions forged in steel and vengeance fueled by dark sorceries.

The Cullick family stands in the ascendant, poised to snatch a crown long denied them, but they are beset on all sides by the chaos they themselves have sown. Winter saw the horrors of war, spring the sparks of rebellion, but as friend and foe alike surrender to unspeakable crimes, summer may yet bring the soul of a nation to boil.

And if Rurik Matair and his broken band of sellswords can cling to life a little longer, salvation may not be the prize, but they might find a way to balance the scales of their mad quest and put to rest the loss and bitter memories which have consumed all that they have known.”