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Sexy chat Chedangdong

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I am waiting for a like minded woman who is fit, funny, sexy and has a goofy side.

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I blame it on his drama choices rather than me being blind for not noticing the smexy hotness that is Park Kwang Hyun Sexy chat Chedangdong. Chexangdong lub him and am so happy that Seung Jo has him in his life. And for that matter…. I Sexy chat Chedangdong just tiptoe over to the sidelines while I watch you girls fight this out.

Park Kwang Hyun is a Sexy Scene Stealer in Cheongdamdong Alice | A Koala's Playground

Who shall I put my money in? I do I do, I really really like Park kwang Hyun too. Even though psh is the lead and is the main course, pkh in CA to me is like an appetizer or sweet desserts, ummm cheese cake and choccolate mousse. He has gone thinner since Glowing She but I loved him there. He was a leading man in sweet buns Sex dating in Orviston red Sexy chat Chedangdong bread with choi kang hee. That was the series i first saw him in,and the two of them were hilarious.

Yes, I love his Sexy chat Chedangdong too. They Cheedangdong so dreamy.

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I hope he gets more screen time in C-Alice and maybe he Sexy chat Chedangdong lead another drama soon. So hot. This is an amazing Christmas present. I luff him. We need more of him and Seung Jo interactions…and include Secretary Moon.

So cute.

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Sexy chat Chedangdong There are quite Chedangddong few going crazy over our lovely doctor! Woah on the last picture! He has truly impressed me! Reminding me sometimes of my sweetie, SJS! He has definitely gained a new fan!

Search Men Sexy chat Chedangdong

Back off, people. I mined him a long time ago. What a scene stealer! And grabbing Sexy chat Chedangdong gaze away from PSH is a feat to be admired. Thanks for the Christmas present, Captain Koala, I have already saved the first picture. I have been Chedanfdong all day.

Sexy chat Chedangdong

OMG Trotwood, another similarity btw us. Dinner almost dinner for u already.

What is Friendly Fire? I love his character in CDDA cause he plays off sj so well.

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Very supportive to his friend and I love that about him. I really hope that he can give sj the voice of reason when the crap really hits Sexy chat Chedangdong fan. He and SJ are too cute.

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They are the only thing that keeps thos drama out of completely predictable territory Chdeangdong Sexy chat Chedangdong. I love this man and its such a delight to see him I relish each moment. So wish he had more screen time. And it makes me think Sexy chat Chedangdong really matters…. Like him, he can pull it off with Park Si Hoo due to their similar age. And the on screen chemistry is enjoyable.

Which brings me to Moon. I think she is a tad too young with Park Si Hoo. Sure you can probably pull it off on the stills but Chedagndong this drama, she is not rising up to Park Si Hoo. PSH is just grabbing all the limelight off her. I Women seeking sex Salem blame PSH expecting rotten egss thrown at me. As an older person, maybe he can clue her in or bring her up her game. Right now it only looks like he is acting opposite her and not with her.

I heard she is technically his senbei though, in terms of Sexy chat Chedangdong years in acting. So I dunno. Sexy chat Chedangdong

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He is the most favorable character, but nothing in him is touch Srxy reality while all other characters in the drama are rooted in reality.

Even Tommy Hong is Sexy chat Chedangdong real. I wonder where is there all the hate against SK? Hm…maybe we all want to see another cinderella story?

Sexy chat Chedangdong SK is very real. She is selfish, confused and even all the hate against her speaks the self-delusion we all have. I want to have a heroine making a deal with Faust with a risk of losing everything. Nobody overshadow each other. So, for me, all the characters including the supporting will learn a values in this journey.

So, as an Sexy woman for fwb, we also need to think and learn the journey Sexy chat Chedangdong the character take because everybody face with different experience in this world. No, it is not just you. He does resemble So Ji Seob.

What is Sexy chat Chedangdong spooky is this: They could be brothers. Park Kwang Hyun is Sesy handsome and sexy. I just recently found out about him. Where has he been hiding? All three men have gorgeous eyes….

CA would not be the lovely fluff it is without this guy. I think he needs a show of his own to really let everyone appreciate all his hotness, I mean qualities.

They were in a motorbike racing club together. I am not sure why this fellow has been such a sleeper, but he is Sexy chat Chedangdong dicovered now, and that is Sexy chat Chedangdong that counts. Wow, that was ancient ago. And, how true. That baby face is long gone and now, hello there, smexy. Also, those eyes.

It was sooo funny, his expression and all. And I thought I was the only one who notice his Sexy chat Chedangdong. And I love his only-one line with Moon Geun Young afterwards!! Me Chedandong

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Sexy chat Chedangdong only-one line with Moon Geun Young is awesome and is the probably one of the most memorable scene of the drama for me!!! I agree, this guy is interesting to Sexy chat Chedangdong in CA. I find him very cute and his eyes are so charming to look at. He sure is the one who will bring the positive vibe between SJ and SK. SK needs to friend Dr. Love ASAP!

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If he is the only voice of reason on the show, she needs to Sexy chat Chedangdong his BFF! Doc needs to knock some sense Cheeangdong SK so she can turn around and stop her scheming.

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I Search Real Dating Sexy chat Chedangdong

Skip to secondary content. Wow, u already posted it? Am still SO hooked Chedagdong KoD. Look at those eyes… same eyes as my baby Seung Ho.

I had liked him from Pink Lipstick. I agree the warmth in his eyes is the attractive factor.