Short Fiction & Poetry

In addition to my longer form bits of creativity and professional scribbles, I have been fortunate to publish other pieces of short fiction and poetry in various magazines, contests, and the maddening expanse of the internet.

Here’s a few of the locations you can find my work (click accompanying links to find those available online):

  1. Lorelei Signal/Mystic Signals Magazine: October-December 2011 Issue (“The Child’s Cry”)
  2. Honorable Mention for “New Frontiers” in Allegory E-Magazine
  3. Frogpond Journal
  4. Honorable Mention for “In Memoriam” in 4th Quarter 2014, Writers of the Future Contest
  5. A Bleak New World Anthology – Raven International Publishing: Oct. 30, 2015 (“Clinging”)
  6. Winner, 2014 Dyer-Ives Foundation’s 46th Annual Poetry Competition (“Grand River”)
  7. Evil Girlfriend Media Shorts (“High as a Powerline”)
  8. Brewed Awakenings 2 – Caffeinated Press (“Furniture City”)
  9. Star*Line: Winter 2017 Issue (“Chemical Submission”), Spring 2018 Issue (“Symbiosis”)
  10. Ellipsis: March 2017 Issue (“Artistic License”)
  11. Scifaikuest (Various Issues)
  12. New Frontiers