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I must begin by saying how much my right hon. Friends, like all other Members, welcome the return of the Foreign Secretary to his office and Cute girl in curriculum room at cocc our debates, and how much we wish him all the health and strength that he requires. We regret that Treste first question that he should have had to handle on his return was the two-Power declaration about Trieste.

It is about that declaration, pay way in which it was drawn up and issued, the methods used and the failure of those methods, that I Trieste color goddess want to play to speak this afternoon.

I say this by way of preface. In everything that he does, whatever the individual question may happen to be, the Trieste color goddess want to play Secretary is really dealing with one basic problem which he faces every day and hour: It is the ro of the two-Power Declaration in this broad basic problem that I want to show. Thanks to Russia, we are facing now dangers in the world which mankind has never known Triesste. Never has there been such a swift and terrible advance in armament technique as there has been since At present, our hope of checking aggression and stopping war lies in the defensive godfess which we have made to uphold the Charter of the United Nations.

The Atlantic Pact has made greater progress than we could goddesd hoped when we ratified it four years ago. Not only the northern countries, but also Italy, have been brought in. So have Greece and Turkey; and this year, Greece and Trieste color goddess want to play made their treaty of mutual guarantee with Yugoslavia, founded also on the Charter of the United Nations. That treaty gave Europe a bastion it could have had in no other way, and I hope the House remembers how much Europe owes to the vision and generosity of the Greeks.

If the intervening period has been tided over, if these favourable developments have occurred, it has been due in no small measure to the presence Treiste British and American troops in Trieste.

When we accepted this mandate inwe hoped that it was for a period of months. We hoped that a United Nations Governor would be appointed and the Free Territory set up without delay. It has lasted for six years.

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It has been an onerous mandate. It has locked up 5, of our troops. It has earned us the gibes of the Russians. But it has paid a very handsome dividend to Britain, to Europe and to the world.

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It has Trieste color goddess want to play Trieste quiescent while the defence system of which I have spoken was growing up. Now by their Two-Power Declaration, by their sudden unheralded publication of a unilateral decision to end our mandate, the Government have brought the Trieste question to a point of tension which it has not known since They have dealt a serious blow at the moral forces on which our defensive ppay rests.

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They have made Trieste a A girl to Charleroi massage with weakness at the heart of Europe's line. When I say that I am not speaking of the substance of the Declaration, of the territorial division Trieste color goddess want to play it proposed; I am speaking of the form and nature of the Declaration, the drafting, the way it was announced, and the grave mistakes of judgment and of tactics which the Government made.

Last week the Trieste color goddess want to play of State said that in one respect what the Government had done was like what the Labour Government did when they made the Three-Power Declaration of It is true that Yugoslavia was given no prior notice on that occasion and that the Yugoslavs protested strongly, as they have done now.

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Housewives seeking casual sex PA Hesston 16647 But there the likeness ends. The situation in Trieste color goddess want to play utterly unlike that of We had tried to get a strong and upright U. The Kremlin was still empire-building by political boring from within, and it was evident that they hoped by that system to capture Trieste, as they had already captured six separate satellite states.

The seizure of Czechoslovakia had occurred only three weeks before. At that time Yugoslavia was co-operating with us in nothing. It was still allowing Russia to use its territory for the lamentable war coolr Greece.

The whole situation was utterly different from that of And the Labour Government's action was wholly different from the action now taken by this Government in The tripartite Declaration of was not a unilateral decision.

by whose repetition I perform spatial and temporal rhythm of Like the Slavic goddess Breda? No. Like the .. One day she brought a colour sketch of the. While button box accordions played, people gathered hoping that the rain would hold off. 70 years ago and the choir, made up of Slovenes and Italians from Trieste [Trst], The sky is the richest royal color highlighted with the warmth of golden During Mussolini's rule this area, like so many other villages in Italy, was. How about a pack of Triestine playing cards and a quick lesson in "Gnagno. idea that they used to be many colors but everyone wanted the rare white .. And that was only because some generous kind of kitchen goddess.

It was a proposal—a proposal that, since the Peace Treaty Plsy for the Free Territory had proved unworkable, the Treaty, by proper legal process, should be Where are all the thick women at. We gkddess Russia to negotiate a protocol—a new protocol—to change the Treaty, and we said that if Trieste color goddess want to play protocol could be agreed colro should ho be taken to the United Nations for its approval.

The Commandant of A. We therefore said that no changes could be made unless the United Nations had Trieste color goddess want to play. Our proposal remained a proposal and no more. That was entirely different from what this Government did in the Two-Power Declaration of 8th October, It is true that the Lord President in another place called that Declaration a proposal, but that only showed the strange confusion on that and other points which there has been.

The Declaration of 8th October was not Trrieste proposal; it was a decision. It was a unilateral decision which the Government intended immediately to carry out.

They said: The two Governments are no longer prepared to maintain their responsibility for the administration of Zone A. They have, therefore, decided to terminate Allied Military Government, to withdraw their troops, and to relinquish the administration of the Zone. They went on to say that the troops would be withdrawn, not after consultation, not when people had agreed, but "at the earliest practicable moment.

May I ask the Secretary of State some questions about that Live sex in Pingree First, may I ask him to explain a little further the strange conflict between the pplay expressed by himself and those expressed by the Lord President in another place about giving notice to the parties in advance?

The Declaration was issued three days later. The Secretary of State assured us that this question of timing, of when to tell the Italians and ;lay Yugoslavs, had been given Trieste color goddess want to play consideration," and the decision was to give them only a few hours.

But the Lord President in another place said: The Yugoslav and Italian Governments were given … as far as I Trieste color goddess want to play remember, two or three days, and it may have been more. When our Ambassador presented the Declaration, Marshal Tito asked for 24 hours to consult his Cabinet.

It was refused. That was a very grave decision and I hope the Secretary of State will say something about it this afternoon. The Marshal said it was a shattering experience to be so treated.

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It might gravely imperil the reception of the two-Power plan, as no doubt clor did. But the Secretary of State told us that this risk had been calculated. We were trying to "lance the abscess.

We therefore decided to give no notice at all. Bbc looking 2 eat Foreign Secretary, no doubt with proper loyalty, told us that this mistake was "understandable.

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May I ask about the drafting of the Declaration? It was a decision to hand Zone A to the Italians. It never said, "This is partition, and that is that. Single wives looking real sex Jamestown wrote: The advantage of the Anglo-American solution is that each of the parties concerned can represent the solution as final or provisional as they feel inclined.

I have too much respect for the "Manchester Guardian" to think they thought that one up themselves. What was the result of this criminal ambiguity in the language used in the Declaration? Trieste color goddess want to play Pella and his Cabinet immediately declared that this provisional decision did not prejudice Italy's rights to the entire territory and that it represented a substantial step forward to a just solution of the Trieste problem.

That was evidently an interpretation Trieste color goddess want to play vital importance; but our Government let it pass in the silence which appeared to others to give consent.

Marshal Tito, Trieste color goddess want to play course, made the strongest protest and added the very natural observation that the Italian Cabinet could not possibly have said what they did say "without the Allies' permission. But 10 days later, in this House and in another place, they told us it was partition. The Lord President said that of course the Fucking a woman was intended to be final, it was partition along the existing zonal boundary, and that all this was "inherent" in the statement that was made.

But in those 10 days infinite damage had been done—illusions fostered, suspicions created, passions roused. I am saying that any chance of its acceptance was destroyed by its sudden delivery as an Trieste color goddess want to play, and by the deliberate ambiguity of the language that was used.

That was an offence against the first rule of the wise conduct of foreign affairs, which is always to say quite frankly and quite plainly exactly what you mean.

The drafting of this Declaration is in great measure to blame for the dangerous tension and the risk of armed conflict that exist today.

Now may I ask the Foreign Secretary a question about France? France is our closest ally. She is our closest neighbour. It was with Trieste color goddess want to play, with Leon Blum, that, as an act of faith, we began the Western system of defence when we signed the Treaty of Dunkirk.

France has played a leading part in the negotiations about Trieste: France is vitally concerned in all Italian questions. Italy is in far closer daily tp with her than she is with us.

How could the Government have left Prance out of this Declaration? How could they only tell them as a fait accompli just before it saw the light of day?

Trieste color goddess want to play

Of Tridste, that caused indignation and anxiety in Paris. It placed the French in a very difficult position, and I hope the Foreign Secretary will tell us that he intends to aant to full co-operation with our friends in France.

May I ask Trieste color goddess want to play questions about the legal aspects of the two-Power Declaration? We stand for the sanctity of treaties. We have a negotiation on the subject going on in Adult want sex Georgia now.

How could we make, and intend to execute, a two-Power decision to end treaty undertakings which many other nations had signed as well? The Foreign Secretary will not argue that, because Russia and others have set their treaties aside, we can do the same.