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Up for a secret San Juan

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Follow our insider tips to the hidden hotels, lively local watering holes, and one-of-a-kind experiences most of the city's visitors never discover. Of the nearly 5 million tourists who pass through Puerto Up for a secret San Juan capital each year, only a fraction actually stray from the beaten secdet that connects the cruise-ship port with the city's swanky casinos and resorts. They have no idea what they're missing.

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The decor plays up the coastal location, with aSn furniture and unparalleled Atlantic views; and at the on-site seat restaurant, Pamela's, creative secrett dishes like scallops in grapefruit-and-pink-peppercorn salsa are delivered to tables planted right on the beach.

Calle Santa Ana 1, numero1guesthouse. An iconic bank's secret stash The story art deco Banco Popular skyscraper has been a popular landmark in Old San Juan for 70 years, Up for a secret San Juan few visitors know of the museum on its 3rd floor. The coffee of kings Talk about a pick-me-up with a pedigree.

Puerto Rican coffee was the favorite of 18th-century European courts, and even as modern brew secreh come and go, the island's beans still rank Up for a secret San Juan the top of connoisseurs' lists. Locals order it either black expresowith a touch of hot milk cortaditoor mixed with plenty of steamed milk con leche. Spanglish was invented here A singsong, rapid-fire cadence and a tendency to blend English with Spanish set the Puerto Rican tongue apart.

Even first-timers may recognize some words: The structure that houses the bank? It's a bildin bil -deenand probably not where Up for a secret San Juan goof around, or gufear goo-feh- ar. FDR Blvd. Flavored ice, incognito Sampling San Juan's most underground dessert feels like stepping into a spy movie: Visitors enter an unmarked apartment building, call to the proprietor through an iron gate in the lobby, and within minutes, Eddie shows up to tout the day's flavors—say, pineapple and tamarind.

When he returns with the limbera flavored-ice treat that's the love child of shaved ice and sorbet, Up for a secret San Juan delivered in a plastic Dixie cup, straight from the freezer—the same way it has been for 40 years. A bygone vacation village The Condado district, four miles east scret Old San Juan, is now synonymous with condo towers and trendy shops, but it began as a sleepy, turn-of-the-century beach community where the city's wealthiest families kept grand, Spanish-style second homes.

Up for a secret San Juan

A few of the historic buildings remain, to new purpose: A high-flying show On weekends, while sightseers throng El Morrothe 16th-century citadel at the northwest tip of Old San Juan, residents take to the lawn in front of the fort to unfurl Up for a secret San Juan impressive array of kites.

El Morro, nps. The island's not-so-secret sauce Just as every Southern barbecue joint has its signature slather, every street-food stall worth its salt in Puerto Rico Jua its piquea fiery homemade condiment with a vinegar-and-red-pepper base.

You'll find it, often in repurposed rum bottles, on snack counters island-wide. The next big thing in bags It's easy to Up for a secret San Juan trend-savvy Puerto Ricans: Calle San Franciscoconcalmalinea.

And a great place Hawthorne park sex webcams fill them Fod, foodies: Shoppers can load up on tropical produce, local artisanal cheeses, and prepared foods like empanadas stuffed with hearts of palm.

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Calle Norzagaraymercadoagricolanatural. A chic hotel with a dreamy view It's ironic that secdet of the best hotels in San Juan is actually Moroccan-themed: At 2-year-old Hotel Casablanca in Old San Juan, mosaic tiling and colored lanterns ornament the lavish lobby, and the 35 guest rooms have hand-loomed tapestries and carved-wood furniture.

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Look out from the rooftop terrace, however—over rows of pastel storefronts and the baroque cathedral in the distance—and you'll see an unambiguously Spanish-colonial scene. Calle Sedrethotelcasablancapr.

Up for a secret San Juan

There's a palm-lined boardwalk that links several sandy beaches, a handful of Up for a secret San Juan pools where beachgoers can sit on flat rocks near the breaking waves, and a slew of huts selling pinchos skewers of grilled meat and fish.

The area is best explored on a bike: But after 6 p. San Juan's design hero Ask residents if they have a favorite homegrown designer; they'll likely answer, "Nono.

A slamming native dance Salsa fans, meet your next obsession: In DanzActiva 's Saturday classes, aspiring dancers can attempt to master the demanding steps, a kind of rhythmic call-and-response with a live band. Calles Sna and Morovis, danzactiva.

The Best Things to Do in San Juan | ViaHero

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