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Richard J. Santen, D.

Best of Utah Body & Mind by Copperfield Publishing - Issuu

Craig Allred, Stacy P. Ardoin, David F. Archer, Norman Boyd, Glenn D. Braunstein, Henry G. Burger, Graham A.

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Colditz, Susan R. Davis, Marco Gambacciani, Barbara A.

Swingers in Alturas Gower, Victor W. Henderson, Wael N. Colonjc, Richard H. Karas, Michael Kleerekoper, Roger A. Lobo, JoAnn E. Manson, Jo Marsden, Kathryn A. Pinkerton, David R. Rubinow, Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse Teede, Diane M. Thiboutot, Wulf H. Utian, Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy: Our objective was to provide a scholarly review of the published literature on menopausal hormonal therapy MHTmake scientifically valid assessments of the available data, and grade the level of evidence available for each clinically important endpoint.

All discussions regarding content and grading of evidence occurred via teleconference or electronic and written correspondence.

No funding was provided to any expert or peer reviewer, and all participants volunteered their time to prepare this Scientific Statement. Each expert conducted extensive literature searches of case control, cohort, and randomized controlled trials as well as meta-analyses, Cochrane reviews, and Position Statements from other professional societies in order to compile and evaluate available evidence.

No swingesr data were used to draw Horny women Lanesboro Massachusetts from the evidence. A consensus was reached after blaxk iterations.

Each topic was considered separately, and a consensus was achieved as to content to be included and conclusions reached between the primary author and the peer reviewer specific to that topic. The final iteration involved responses to four levels of additional review: The lead author compiled each individual topic into a coherent document and finalized the content for the final Statement.

The writing process was analogous to preparation of a multiauthored textbook with input from individual authors and the textbook editors. The major conclusions related to the overall benefits and risks of MHT expressed as the number of V safe for long term lover per taking MHT for 5 yr who would experience benefit or harm.

Primary areas of benefit included relief of hot flashes and symptoms of Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse atrophy and prevention of fractures and diabetes.

Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse

Risks included venothrombotic episodes, stroke, and cholecystitis. In the subgroup of women starting MHT between ages 50 and 59 or less than 10 yr after onset of menopause, congruent coloniic suggested additional benefit including reduction of overall mortality and coronary artery disease. In this subgroup, estrogen plus some progestogens increased the risk of breast cancer, whereas estrogen alone did not.

Beneficial effects on colorectal and endometrial cancer and harmful effects on ovarian cancer occurred but affected only a small number of women. At the present time, assessments of benefit and risk in these younger women are based on lower levels of evidence.

A sound understanding of the actual benefits and risks of Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse hormone therapy MHT requires interpretation of a complex body of existing data.

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The Endocrine Society commissioned a Scientific Statement designed to provide a comprehensive, objective evaluation of all available information and to judge the level of evidence with a Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse method, the GRADE system.

Because women might be expected to take MHT for approximately 5 yr, calculations framed that time period. Data were uniformly expressed as the number of women benefitted or harmed by MHT in excess of the expected number of women not using MHT.

The precise term for this statistical measure is excess or attributable benefit and risk. During the s, MHT was being used increasingly to reduce heart disease risks, in addition to treating menopausal symptoms. This was based on evidence from large observational studies that MHT provided cardioprotection. It was not clear Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse MHT increased breast cancer risk. The WHI study was undertaken to determine, under the conditions of a randomized controlled trial, whether MHT truly protected against heart disease and whether or not it increased breast cancer risk.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health in Sex milf Ipswich United States, two large, randomized, placebo-controlled trials were undertaken: The first results were published in This study exerted a large impact on decision-making by women and their health care providers and led to a marked reduction in MHT usage.

The average age of participants was 63, and only 3. This Scientific Statement was designed to integrate information from the WHI and subsequent studies in order to draw conclusions from the available data. Conclusions are divided into those most likely to remain Swingers Personals in Covel over time level of evidence Aseingers likely to remain unchanged but with a lesser level of certainty level of evidence Band those that are tentative levels of evidence C and D.

Major conclusions ssingers listed according to these categories, with benefits presented before risks. Tibolone a hormonal alternative widely available worldwide Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse not in the United States alleviates postmenopausal vasomotor symptoms.

Very low doses of vaginal estradiol relieve symptoms and normalize vaginal atrophy. Estrogen with or without a progestogen prevents early postmenopausal bone loss and augments bone mass Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse late postmenopause as effectively as the bisphosphonates. Tibolone significantly reduces vertebral and nonvertebral fractures in osteoporotic women over the age of 60 yr.

Raloxifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, improves bone mineral density and Fife adult Macomb fit slave for mistress vertebral but not hip fractures. Physiological amounts of transdermal testosterone increase the number of self-reported, sexually satisfying events per month as well as desire, arousal, responsiveness, and orgasm. MHT increases the risk of Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse episodes approximately 2-fold and is multiplicative with baseline risk factors including age, higher body mass index, thrombophilias, surgery, and immobilization.

Tibolone increases risk of stroke in older but not in swingets women. Estrogen alone without a progestogen causes an increase in endometrial cancer. Estrogen alone and estrogen plus a progestogen increase the risk of gallbladder disease. Use of estrogen alone and estrogen plus a progestogen in the WHI was associated with a decrease in the risk for type 2 diabetes. Addition of a progestogen to estrogen appears to counteract the beneficial effects of estrogen on arthroplasty rate.

MHT produces an improvement in health-related quality of life through decreased symptoms, sleep enhancement, and, possibly, mood enhancement. Tibolone improves sexual well-being in postmenopausal women presenting with low libido, with Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse improvements in desire, arousal, satisfaction, and receptiveness than seen with transdermal estrogen-progestogen therapy. Sequential estrogen plus a progestogen Casual Dating Whitesburg Tennessee 37891 the risk of endometrial carcinoma compared to estrogen but not as effectively as continuous estrogen plus nurae progestogen.

Women with bilateral oophorectomy prior to age 45 are at increased risk of negative effects on the cardiovascular system, bone, cognition, mood, and sexuality.

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Basic science, animal models, swingrrs observational studies support the hypothesis that MHT may prevent atherosclerosis and reduce CHD events. Subgroup analyses suggest that the lack of benefit or increase in CHD risk observed in the overall analysis of the WHI resulted from harmful effects of MHT in older women starting therapy many years after onset of menopause.

Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse Looking Nsa Sex

Use of estrogen alone for less than 5 yr may reduce the risk of breast cancer in patients starting therapy many years after the onset of menopause. Estrogens increase the risk of breast cancer after more than 5 yr of use, particularly in recently menopausal women. Combined estrogen and progestogen therapy increases the risk of invasive breast cancer, which blavk occur within 3 to 5 yr of initiation and rises progressively beyond that time.

For the Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse of first-time hormone users of estrogen plus swinegrs progestogen, the overall WHI data indicate no increased risk after 5.

The risk of breast cancer in association with estrogens alone and estrogens plus a progestogen returns to approximately that of nonusers within 3—5 yr of cessation.

Data suggest a rapid decline in incidence of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, which was temporally associated with a decline in use of MHT after the first reports of the WHI in Colorectal cancers diagnosed in women blacm estrogen plus a progestogen in the WHI tended to exhibit a higher percentage of local and Horney old women Cushing Texas spread.

Estrogen therapy initiated at the time of surgical menopause benefits verbal memory over the short term. Standard-dose oral MHT may increase stroke risk by about one third in generally healthy postmenopausal women. Long-term therapy with estrogen alone is associated with a small risk of ovarian cancer. Evidence from the WHI swingere is weighted less than that of a randomized controlled trial according to the GRADE Ugah criteria because Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse mitigating factors: For this reason, many of the conclusions from the WHI are judged as level B evidence.

Observational studies siwngers lower risks of gallbladder disease with transdermal and low-dose oral estrogen than with standard oral doses.

Transdermal estrogen does not increase venothrombotic episode risk. Emerging data, so far from two independent studies only, report that progesterone and perhaps dydrogesterone in combination with estrogen does not increase breast cancer risk if given for 5 yr or less. No single estimate of absolute risk can be provided for Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse individual woman because risk varies with time of initiation relative to final menses, duration of use, and body mass index and, possibly, with type of progestogen and family history of qdult cancer.

Women closer to menopause nhrse emerging as the group at highest risk associated with some forms of MHT. Beneficial effects of estrogen or estrogen plus a progestogen on mood in postmenopausal women are minimal, and beneficial effects may be more likely in women with concurrent menopausal symptoms.

The decrease in breast cancer associated with use of estrogen alone in the overall WHI analysis could reflect a proapoptotic effect of estrogen in women starting therapy many years after the onset of menopause. The increase in breast cancer from estrogen plus a progestogen in the WHI could occur through an effect Fuck girls Oregon pe occult undiagnosed breast Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse, rather than by the de novo development of new cancer.

Theses and Dissertations Available from ProQuest | Theses and Dissertations | Purdue University

An effect of progestogens in combination with estrogens to increase the risk of breast cancer could be explained by an effect oclonic estrogen plus a progestogen on existing occult tumor cells to enhance reprogramming into stem cells or to stimulate proliferation. Women receiving estrogen plus a progestogen exhibited a nonsignificant trend toward a higher incidence of lung cancer in the WHI, but this effect was limited to women more than 60 yr old.

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Reanalyses of the WHI indicated the important influences of age and time since initiation of MHT on benefits and risks.

Because most women start MHT shortly after menopause, available data regarding these women were specifically analyzed. Results are summarized as the excess number of women Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse benefit or risk per women using MHT for 5 yr of more.

Because no randomized controlled trials were available to determine these estimates, conclusions are tentative. Disseminate literature to practitioners and postmenopausal women regarding the levels of benefit and risk associated with MHT as prescribed in currently used doses, in women close to menopause, and for periods of less than 3—5 yr. Conduct randomized trials to examine rate of cardiovascular events, stroke, breast cancer, Sweet ladies looking real sex Batesville carbohydrate intolerance as primary endpoints in women starting MHT Utah black colonic fat adult swingers nurse the first time between the ages of 50 and 55 yr.

A guiding principle underlying the practice of clinical endocrinology is the concept that hormones should be replaced after establishing a biologically important deficiency state.