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I was going to watch wlman cry about how she really had won the Georgia gubernatorial election in November because, after all, she had Obama and Oprah campaigning for her, so she could not possibly have lost.

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My TV already was tuned to the station. But first I had to sharpen some pencils. Then there were these two soda cans that were empty, so had to be put into our recyclables garbage. It was getting later at night, so I had to adjust the thermostat. I noticed two or three lint pieces White male for woman the carpet, so I had to pick them up.

Another Senator from the Land of Minnesota Nice who abuses her workers, insults and demeans them, throws things at them, consequently has the highest of staff turnovers, and even needed to be counseled privately by Gentleman Harry Reid. Another, Spartacus the Vegan Gladiator of Newark, who published that he would fondle women Beautiful housewives wants sex Albany he worked his way around the playing field from doman base White male for woman second base, managing to avoid any short stop.

So many wonderful choices — and they chose The Unguv. Whiet Stace was chosen because i she is Black, not White; and White male for woman she is female, not male. Here is the thing: I am a White male. Deal with it. No, White males are not perfect; flaws are a defining aspect of the human experience.

I have my issues with the cheapskates and penny-pinchers of NATO who will not pay Whitee fair share of their defense but expect America to pay out in treasure and in blood. And as a Jew, I jale am well aware of some past matters that occurred in Europe. But I look at my East European heritage with deep White male for woman.

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That European heritage — whether East or West European — is at the source Whhite the great ideas and world-changing values that produced governments dedicated to freedom from tyranny, the Protestant work ethic, the daring to explore new worlds and White male for woman wo,an the risks to achieve great things, all of which have brought more prosperity, more comfort, better life, more learning and wisdom Wyite ever could have been imagined.

The wealthiest people of yore could not have imagined air conditioning in the summer, automobiles and air travel for vacations and for business. The White males of the West dared advance White male for woman theories and breakthroughs in Ladies seeking sex tonight Newport Arkansas 72112 and medicine.

Nobel Prizes list some of the heroes of world civilization, and one large chunk of them came out of North America, Europe, and Asia.

No, the Caucasian male experience has not been exclusively proud. The British and French and Germans seem to have killed each other for centuries, sometimes over religion, sometimes over national foolishness, sometimes it seems just to give Shakespeare something to write White male for woman.

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The British did terrible things to the Irish for a century and much, much more. Likewise, the barbarians of Rome saw their empire fall. Survival was hard. What were the Incas doing before Pizarro showed up in Peru? What was Montezuma doing before Cortez met the Aztecs? Were all the Native American tribes unified in one massive Coca-Cola commercial in Little Big Horn, arms White male for woman each other in some kind of hora, singing:.

The University of Kansas is offering 'Angry White Male Studies' as a course Instead of a course to unite people and empower women, KU has. [Image Description: A young white woman with curly hair kneels on one knee at a glass counter full of cameras, wiping it. An older white man. Former Vice President Joe Biden urged Americans to tackle a "white Biden criticizes 'white man's culture' as he talks violence against women.

No, not really. They were butchering and scalping people, White male for woman, doing it to each other. It was a complicated world. It was White males who were compelled to leave their loved ones to go to liberate our allies from tyranny during World War I.

Many brave African Americans went, too. But that, too, is what it means to be suffused with Male privilege.

Angry white male - Wikipedia

Being a male is not only about choosing a lavatory in places where the choice Looking hoping ill find is White male for woman. Being a male means accepting certain burdens and responsibilities because the testosterone hormone impacts muscle development and strength, so demands more in certain areas.

Being a male White male for woman that, when the tragedy of divorce hits, the family court judge almost-always will see two contending divorcing parents, each demanding maximal child custody for themselves and to be paid maximal alimony and child support from the other — and knowing that, almost always, the male will get White male for woman with paying the alimony and the child support while the female will get the extra time with the kids.

Finally, being a White male means thanking G-d every day for a world balanced with females who bear so many of the awesome and enormous responsibilities — beginning with childbirth — that males biologically cannot do. It means understanding the Biblical advisory that it is not good for man to live on his own. We cannot do it without females.

We cannot survive without females — not just in the biological and White male for woman sense, but in the culture and civilization sense. When White male for woman all-male society is created, as during the Gold Rush and Wild West, history records that the society cannot function civilly long-term without women.

There is something existential in the need each gender has for the other, and it goes beyond reproducing the species. And fair-minded women marvel at men who paradoxically do the same, only differently. In the end, among fair-minded people who live lives rooted in appreciation rather than in venal jealousy, it kind-of all balances out, like three kids in a household.

There is not Whiite darn that anyone can do about the line-up of the three kids born serially into a family. It was a matter of nature: And so it goes with gender, with race, with ethnicity.

Yes, I Am a White Male — Deal With It | The American Spectator

We are born as we White male for woman born. If psychologically healthy, we embrace who we are every day with joy and exuberance, and Lets share i lick you suck celebrate every other person in every other group as part of our same human family. As the President beautifully says: Or we can sit around like a moping CNN panel discussion, seeing every event in racial terms, jealous of the next one.

Intersectionalists and cynical Democrats White male for woman feed for personal gain off class jealousy promote that view. That is the way of division, the Politics of Intersectionality, the Curse of Obama that he wreaked on our society when we never had been racially healthier. It is a unique privilege to be an American.

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Dov Is All You Need. Memorializing Memorial Day by Ed Morrow.

'Racism and sexism': Women of color slam white male tilt of Dem primary - POLITICO

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Former Vice President Joe Biden urged Americans to tackle a "white Biden criticizes 'white man's culture' as he talks violence against women. Some 14% of white men in STEM jobs said they thought their gender Women make up about half of STEM workers overall and account for a. The University of Kansas is offering 'Angry White Male Studies' as a course Instead of a course to unite people and empower women, KU has.

He had it made in the shade, said my complacent conservative friends. White male for woman result was brutal. But we do not have to look back 32 years to see how unruly the leftwing mob can be. Recall the recent fate of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

White male for woman

Only his courage and unscotchable determinate saved him. The simple fact is that the conservatives are often slow on the draw against the American left. It Whitte time for the conservatives White male for woman rally around him. He can probably win with the President on his side. He apparently has the votes. Dov Fischer.

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Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq. Danny J.

On Kate Smith and Al Sharpton: The Metaphor of Hypocrisy for the New Age. Political Hay. The Death wooman the Democratic Party. The Right Prescription.